The Garden of Sanremo

The garden already starts when you take the entrance road lined with pine, chestnut, Quercus and cypress trees that accompany the visitor also along the paths of romantic park where it is inebriated by the perfume of aromatic herbs and fascinated by their different shapes and colors that give movement to the garden.

In the central area of ​​the park there is a swimming pool with natural design, in which beaches surrounded by olive trees you can relax and entertain in harmony with family and friends.

The choice and arrangement of plants is studied in order to enhance the observation and dawn to sunset the magnificent colors that paint every day a different landscape scene, where in winter you can see the horizon Corsica.

The garden blends in perfectly with the unspoiled Mediterranean landscape of the place, offering its users the privilege to experience the unique emotions, away from the pollution and noise of everyday urban life.